Restaurants & Cafés (See on map)

The Tunisian cuisine reflects the cultural heritage that the country has acquired throughout history (Berbers, Jews, Arabs, Turks, Romans ...). Gorged with sun, the basic ingredients and spices are distinguished by their outstanding flavors and scents. The Couscous, about which it is said that there were more than 300 varieties across the country, is the typical dish par excellence. Other less famous dishes such as mloukhia, the Chakchouka or brik are as delicious as the couscous. At Mahdia, a fishing town, you can enjoy fresh sea products at will.

Our selection of restaurants

  • The Lido Restaurant
    • Tunisian specialties and seafood.
    • In the city center, in front of the Fishing Harbor, with a beautiful setting.
  • Neptune Restaurant
    • Tunisian specialties and seafood.
    • On the corniche, with a relaxed atmosphere.

Our selection of coffees

  • Sidi Salem Cafe : Suspended above the Mediterranean, set on the rocks side, Sidi Salem café offers a stunning view of the open sea.
  • Ghamra Cafe : In the center of the Medina and in front of the mosque Hajj Mustafa Hamza, the main alley suddenly widens to make room for the terrace’s arches of the famous Ghamra coffee.
  • The Medina Cafe : At the end of the Medina, you will come across the Moorish café "The Medina". A place that is full of charm.