In addition to our permanent and qualified mini club animators,

some of our tour operators send their own team every year to further ensure the quality of the care given to your children. They are therefore in good hands to enjoy from morning until night. Lots of great activities that your children will certainly love are waiting for them.

  Mini Club for children (4 to 12 years)

  • Play & Learn : Throughout the stay, children learn to make several products (plaster statuette, painting on T-shirts, mini carpets, shell necklace, cakes & sweets and much more). Proud of his/her accomplishments, your child carries everything in his LTI Mahdia Beach souvenir bag.
  • Pony club : Your children will have fun with our lovely pony Kitty. Before obtaining their initiation diploma, they will learn to ride it*, to feed it, to groom it and to dress it up. Eh! Kitty is no longer alone, her friends, the kind animals, have come to the hotel LTI Mahdia Beach.
  • Pools and play areas : The hotel has 4 swimming pools and a spacious outdoor playground (a swing, a toboggan...) to the delight of children.
  • Evening programs : Children quickly overcome their shyness to reveal all their talents on stage with the mini disco program organized each evening. But that´s not all ! Children can also discover the backstage scene via our two "children's shows":
    • Mini Talent Show : A "Star Academy" like show, children will work hard to convince our jury.
    • Mahdia wedding : The show recreates the typical wedding of Mahdia in a friendly atmosphere involving children and adults. It also educates children about the country´s culture.
  • Kids bar (All Inclusive) : The Kids bar is reserved for children and offers a variety of pleasures (ice cream, popcorn, pancakes, mini sandwiches, soft drinks…).

* Only children whose weight is less than 25kg can ride the Shetland pony.

  Mini Club for teenagers (13 to 18 years)

For teens, the program is organized around sports and competitive games (mini-golf, football, water polo, beach volleyball, tennis …).

With the mini club, teens can benefit from special prices for water sports.

In evenings, they are also invited to participate in shows.

Mini Club video Video of Mahdia Beach Mini Club.
Discover Kitty, The Shetland pony of Mahdia Beach and its friends the animals.