Holiday activities in Mahdia

In Mahdia, we offer you a varied range of activities. Are you looking for adventure or discovery? Do you want to play sports or just relax? Our partners are among the best qualified in Mahdia and will be delighted to share their passions with you.

  Water sports (See on map)

The boating center of the hotel offers a wide variety of activities and state-of-the-art equipment.

  • Activities with charge (with motor) : Banana, fly fish, Jet Ski, parachute, big meuble, boat trip, water skiing, diving…
  • Prices : From 5 to 17€
  • Duration : From 10 to 30min
  • Access : 0min-at the hotel
  • Contact : Mr. Hsan or Marcelino

  The Golf Academy of Mahdia (See on map)

At 800m from the hotel, the Golf Academy of Mahdia will impress you with its unique charm. It has a golf course with nine holes, a mini golf and a pleasant terrace. Everything overlooks the beautiful sea.

The Golf Academy of Mahdia offers all the necessary equipment for professionals, beginners and children. You can undertake initiation courses and/or participate in the organized tournament.

  • Average price : 10€
  • Average duration : 1h
  • Access : 9min (walk)
  • Contact : On site

  Ali Baba Caravan

The Ali Baba caravan offers a picturesque ride on a camel, horse, or donkey. The tracks are lined with cactus, olive trees and wild herbs. If you do not like riding you can opt for horse-drawn carriages.

A Bedouin tent, dressed according to the traditional customs and a very friendly folk entertainment will await you. You will meet the friendliest camel of the caravan. You will also discover how Mrs. Fatma bakes the tastiest home-made bread "Tabouna" and enjoy a traditional mint tea.

  • Average price : 17,5€
  • Average duration : 3h
  • Access : 10min (taxi)
  • Contact : Mr. Kacem

  Pirates´ boat

Let´s share a memorable half-day on board a Pirate Ship. You will leave the hotel with a mini-train that will take you to the port of Mahdia.

- All the pirates are on board ?
- Yes captain !
- Here is the program: Boat trip, Pirates’ animation, dressing up as pirates, fishing and swimming. For lunch you have barbecue, salad and drinks.
- Aye Captain !

  • Average price : 15€
  • Average duration : 1/2 day
  • Access : 9min (mini train)
  • Contact : Mr. Dhaou

  Riding center (See on map)

Enjoy a horse ride through a unique track that alternates the beach and the countryside. You will ride your oriental horse at your own pace: Gallop for riders and trot with assistance for beginners.

A coffee break is planned at the middle of the ride in a very pleasant setting.

  • Average price : 15€
  • Average duration : 2h
  • Access : 5min (taxi)
  • Contact : Mr. Habib


Go on an adventure on a quad, the track is of several kilometers in the heart of the wilderness.

  • Average price : 17,5€
  • Average duration : 2h
  • Access : 5min (taxi)
  • Contact : Mr. Mohamed

  Bowling (See on map)

Want to enjoy strikes? As a couple, family or friends, you can have fun in the bowling of Mahdia. The place is very pleasant; it has six competition tracks (AMF), a nice restaurant and a bar with a terrace overlooking the sea.

  • Average price : 3,5€
  • Average duration : 30min
  • Access : 9min (walk)
  • Contact : On site