LTI Mahdia Beach provides you

with a qualified and multilingual animation team and state-of-the-art equipment to really liven up your stay. You will be invited to participate in many sports, competitive games and shows.

  Entertainment program

  • Day program* :
    10:00   Gym 12:30   Club danse
    10:30   Petanque 15:00   Petanque
    10:30   Archery 15:00   Water polo
    11:00   Dart game 15:30   Archery
    11:00   Beach volley 16:00   Tournament
    11:00   Water polo 16:00   Beach volley
    11:30   Aqua gym 16:30   Aerobic
    12:00   Midday Game 16:30   Football
    Libre   Aqua Park Libre   water sport

    * Some activities can be cancelled depending on the season.

  • Evening program : In the evening, our animation team offers a varied range of themes alternating shows, sketches, games and discoveries. Not to mention the club’s dance, that will put you in the mood to continue the fiesta at the disco.